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SCHIELD is an Italian jewellery brand founded by designer Roberto Ferlito. His story begins in the early years of art school while studying painting and sculpture, where he then discovers his true passion for the fashion industry. Self taught, with the help from his mother he learned the basics of modeling and tailoring under his own vision and inspiration.            

In 2000, after a fashion course in Milan, Roberto moved to Florence to work for one of the largest international fashion companies. It is then when he discovered his new passion, the world of accessories and jewellery design. After ten years of experience in the industry Roberto Ferlito establishes SCHIELD, a collection of jewellery with a strong artistic content and style. 

Schield jewellery collection is a combination of high quality, innovation, outstanding craftsmanship and cutting edge design. The modelling of all jewellery pieces is finished by hand using the highest quality materials, such as brass dipped in a micron of gold, embellished with Swarovski crystals, natural or semi-precious stones. 




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