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Yaniv Persy was born in Israel, raised in South America and later moved to Paris, where he got his inspiration from the classic Parisian elegance. 

While in Paris Persy was working for Steven Robinson & Elisa Palomino, John Galliano’s right hand at the time. Just a while after ending the collaboration he took on a position as a creative director for Apostrophe (Paris’ designing of prêt-à-porter exclusive line). Persy’s final destination was Florence, Italy, where he began to collaborate with the house of Roberto Cavalli.

Persy graduated “with excellence” from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel. He was awarded for “Modern Femininity” at the LCDA Awards and awarded as “Promising Young Israeli Designer” at the I.C.E Awards 2007. Persy’s L.C.D.A award show in 2006 has established his signature style.

With his designer skills and successful collaborations with leading international designers such as, Donna Karen, Lanvin - Albert ElbazApostrophe, Roberto Cavalli, Yaniv Persy finally establishes and launches his own label Persy Ltd in 2009. 

Percy jewellery collection is a creation of classical sophistication, personal chic and outstanding craftsmanship.



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