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Nunuco Design Company (NDC®) is a Finnish stationery & lifestyle brand for the urban citizen who has an eye for fashion but stays true to their own style. NDC's main focus is to bring joy to everyday life with hand drawn small treasures.

NDC was founded by a couple Tiitus Kareno & Kristiina Kurkikangas, with the launch of in April 2014. 

Essentially the spirit of NDC embodies the personal style of its designer and creative director Kristiina Kurkikangas. With no formal art studies, her designs are care-free use of different colors and themes with her own distinctive style. Within the collection of NDC, you will not find precise and calculated brush strokes, but the joy and happiness related to creating something of your own.

Every product is designed by hand by Kristiina in Jyväskylä, Finland and all of their items are made with carefully selected, high quality materials to ensure you get the best product possible. 



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