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LOTOCOHO is a brand of creation that translates signs into symbols. 

Once investigated the sign and its contextualization, like the Atlas of Aby Warburg, the designers translate by geometric rules (Euclidean or Thiessen polygons), the signs become symbols. By translating landscapes and signs into jewellery, Lotocoho has created a collection called Ergonomic Territories.

The collection is based on geology, landscapes and contemporary languages. Ergonomic Territories is an infinite system of creation. Comprised of an idea that relates the nature, abstract artificial and learning in a constant game. It is a field of opportunities where the act of derivative use in enjoyment causes expertise in stories accumulated trapped about "mountains" or its most basic geological structures (diamond-rocks).

Decontextualized landscapes are built in scale and multiplied in knowledge. The mountains contain stories not seen. Learning stories from objects. The reverse journey of religion, overturning those stories about the object, mitificándolo. Stories built on mountains, mountains of stories.



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